Edmonton Preschools


Perfect Places for Your Little Ones

Looking for the best Edmonton preschools for your little ones is far from being an easy task. As a parent, you will need to look at various factors before you zero down on any school. Schools Edmonton includes a list of some of the finest preschools in the area and there are a few pointers that you might want to consider in order to come up with the best decision.

Quality Education

At this early stage, the focus should not be on your child’s academic skills but instead, the focus must be building the personality of the kid during his or her growing years. Basically, a good preschool must focus on teaching the basic social skills to the students within a group setting and teaching them discipline through a structured routine such as starting the day with a morning song, followed by storytelling, playtime outdoors, music, art, and so on. Together with this, it is essential for Edmonton preschools to have an educated and qualified teaching staff. A degree and experience in early childhood education is also a must.


Safety is another big issue during your search for Edmonton preschools. It is a vital for you to check if your child is secure inside the school premises. A good school should take different precautions for the safety of their students. The school’s location should also be in a safe locality with care taken to keep all the doors and locks closed in the outdoor play area.

Convenient Vicinity

Sending your little one to a preschool near your home is a safer option. It might be a bit difficult to send your kid to a school far from home.

School Activities

Activities in Edmonton preschools are important as there are some activities that are crucial for the growth of a child. Choose a school that offers different activities which can help in developing all aspects of your child’s personality.

Select the best Edmonton preschools from our list today and have the peace of mind for your little one’s education!


Springhill Community Preschool

7730 106 St NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 433-4224

Glenora Preschool
10426 136 St NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 452-0120

Ellerslie Road Preschool
10603 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 988-5515

Grandin Préscolaire/Preschool
10209 123 St NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 447-5995

Helping Hands Preschool
10014 81 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 757-4601

First Discovery Preschool
10345 144 St NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 455-1895

Westend Community Playschool

15108 76 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 444-0221

Little Blessings Christian Preschool

5104 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 440-6037

Little Hands Learning Preschool

325 Woodvale RD NW Edmonton Alberta
(780) 668-2763

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